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TinnitusPlay Launched!

If you’re here, it’s likely because you have tinnitus. Well, so do we. We understand how vexing or even debilitating this condition can be. That is why we created this app, with funding from a philanthropist who suffers from tinnitus himself and wanted to do something for fellow sufferers.

We are proud to announce that TinnitusPlay is now available for free at the App Store – iPhone only for now. TinnitusPlay is non-commercial and available at no cost. We don’t collect any personal information or data from you. We really just want to provide you with a tool that could, hopefully, make your tinnitus a bit more bearable.

TinnitusPlay generates sounds to soothe your tinnitus. We’re not just talking about masking your tinnitus, but we also built in sound techniques that are based on science, which have shown some potential for longer-term relief.

We don’t want to overpromise anything; a lot more studies are needed to figure out how best to apply these sound techniques. And they might not work equally well for everyone. But we did our best to make it as science based as possible, and scientific advisors were involved in the creation of TinnitusPlay. You can read more about the supporting science in the app itself; and we will soon provide more info here as well.

Who are we? We have tinnitus ourselves, and in our spare time we run Tinnitus Hub, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping other tinnitus patients. We do this on a volunteer basis, just because we care about the cause. We want to see tinnitus patients get better care and support (finally!).

Our primary aim is to push for a cure. To do that, we try to influence researchers to focus their efforts on cure-based research. And we help them get access to patient data, as we are convinced more (big) data is key to a cure.

We also run the Tinnitus Talk support forum, the largest online community where people with tinnitus can provide each other with advice and support.

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